Private Briefing

To accomplish his mission, Bill pulled off an amazing investment coup: He was able to bring together an intelligence network like none other… one consisting of seven of the world’s top analysts, all experts in their respective fields.

The lineup includes:

Shah Gilani – A former hedge fund manager who sat on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and is one of the world’s top bond experts. He also helped create the Volatility Index (also known as the VIX), the key standard for measuring market fear and pricing expectations. He is currently a managing member of a private equity firm and an investment banker.

Michael Robinson – A 35-year Silicon Valley venture capitalist adviser and insider who has beaten Wall Street to some of the biggest tech breakthroughs of the last two decades, including synthetic vaccines, sensors, 3D printing, and (working with Lee Iacocca and Roger Smith, the CEOs of Chrysler and GM) the robotics revolution that saved the U.S. automotive industry.

Ernest Tremblay – A 25-year biotech analyst, with personal access to groundbreaking pharmaceutical companies and Nobel-caliber doctors like Yale’s Karel Liem, Columbia’s George Gaylord Simpson, and Harvard’s William S. Beck.

D.R. Barton – Chief Operating Officer and Risk Manager for the Directional Research and Trading Hedge Fund Group, and a world-renowned authority on technical trading with 26 years’ experience. He is the inventor of the “Stealth Stock Trading Indicator,” which locates triple-digit winners hiding inside flat or even down-trending markets.

Every day, Bill holds private briefings with this team of amazing pros – picking their brains about the forces churning the markets… developing story ideas… and selecting strategies and recommendations to help Private Briefing readers make the most money from what they see happening in the world.

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Dear Reader,

There’s no question about it… those little penny stocks from tiny companies – often priced below $1 a share – are making people filthy rich.

It’s not unusual to see little stocks that no one has ever heard of… stocks that are not covered by any analysts… stocks that have no news or important events…

Run from a buck to $30, $40, $50, or more… turning every $10,000 grubstake into $500,000.

Of course, when it comes to penny stocks, the risk is a lot higher, but…

The fact is, the biggest stock market gains every single year are typically penny stocks that no one has ever heard of.

And the average guy never seems to get a real chance to get rich on them… until now.

You see, after 34 years of analyzing these HUGE moves, I’ve discovered something critically important…

A way to play this “rigged system” and have the chance to make ridiculous money.

And the reason is simple:

I’ve discovered a group of 7,524 millionaires (and billionaires) who are oftentimes behind the market’s biggest gainers…

This group will deliberately and legally target penny stocks and pump millions of dollars into them, which causes an eventual jolt to the price.

We’re talking exceptional gains of 1,400%, 2,135%, and 3,900% – in as little as six months alone.

Now… you could get upset about this… and report this group to the SEC.

But they won’t do a thing.

This group operates according to all the rules and regulations. In fact, there’s nothing illegal about what they’re doing.

But in the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how you could use this knowledge to invest in very specific stocks nearly every single week for a chance to make huge gains.

And if you have any doubts, let me explain…

My name is Bill Patalon.

I’m not a billionaire, like some of the people you’re going to meet in a moment.

But I do quite well for myself.

And it’s not because I got lucky or invested at the “right time.”

It‘s because I’ve spent decades tracking this group of 7,524 people and now have access to a database I use to determine exactly which small stocks they’ve just invested in and have the greatest chance of driving upwards.

You could say this creates an “unfair” advantage in that I don’t have to pick stocks and rely solely on the whims of the market to drive them up.

Instead, I can pick stocks and know – in advance – that this group of 7,524 millionaires is already in position to drive the price way up.

This is how I’ve been able to see total peak gains of 17,781%.

But it wasn’t through conventional stock picking.

I did it by tracking a group of 7,524 millionaires (and billionaires) who regularly target small stocks throughout the market… pump millions of dollars into these stocks, sometimes over the course of single day…

…and cause an eventual, powerful jolt to the price.

If you find this hard to believe, I can’t fault you.

Few people know this group exists…

Only a tiny handful know which companies they are investing in at any given point in time. But that’s because this group is private. They operate on the fringes of the market.

  • Some of them don’t even have offices. They work out of their homes.
  • Others rarely ever speak to the press.
  • And many use private networks to communicate.

It’s taken me 34 years to identify all of these 7,524 millionaires.

But the payoff has been extraordinary…

Because today, I no longer have to buy stocks and rely on the market to make me rich.

Instead I can now buy stocks and know – in advance – that this group of millionaires is backing my trades… driving the price of those stocks up.

This is why of the 304 stocks I’ve targeted over the last five years…

295 of them (or 97%) have gone up in price.

As you’re about to see, with $2.3 trillion in collective buying power, this group has more wealth and political sway than most small countries.

And when they apply this buying power to a stock – no matter what the company is– they often send the price into uncharted territory within a matter of days.

Take a look at the stock chart on your screen.

It belongs to a tiny drug company called Celator Pharmaceuticals (CPXX). This is a losing stock. No question about it.

Since its birth in November 1999, Celator has not made a single penny in profit.

It has actually LOST over $169 million.

Based on publicly available information you wouldn’t buy this stock if your life depended on it.

But in March 2016, something inexplicable happened…

Celator’s stock exploded.

It has been one of the biggest stock gains of 2016.

The rise of Celator’s stock wasn’t a coincidence nor was it a random event triggered by everyday investors.

It happened because this group of 7,524 millionaires purchased over 1.3 million shares of Celator’s stock… helping to drive the price up 1,600% in just three months.

Then there’s Golden Star Resources (GSS)…

This tiny gold miner has a $180 million market cap. It’s one of the smallest, most obscure stocks trading on the market today.

If you were to look at their recent financial statements you wouldn’t touch the stock with a ten-foot pole.

Since 2012, their revenue has fallen 40%.

But recently, for whatever reason, this group of 7,524 millionaires targeted the stock and bought over 2 million shares.

It was a sudden move that caused an instant surge in Golden Star’s price.

In just three months it shot up 370%.

These outrageous, millionaire-making moves are taking place all across the market.

Select stocks in various sectors are rising inexplicably and without warning, often producing triple-digit gains in a matter of weeks. And as you’re about to see, this group of 7,524 millionaires is often behind each and every one of them.

Energy Recovery (ERII), for example is a small company that manufacturers equipment used in oil drilling. In 2015, they increased their revenue 47%.

But even still, it hasn’t made a penny in profit.

Depending on what kind of investor you are, you’d maybe throw a few hundred dollars into this stock…

But it’s certainly not the kind of company you’d peg your retirement on.

For two years the stock was on a crash course to nowhere.

But at the end of 2015 – for whatever reason – this group of 7,524 millionaires bought 4.3 million shares in the company. The impact was immediate.

The price has since catapulted to $13 – a 500% windfall.

You’re probably wondering…

Why has this group of 7,524 millionaires targeted these stocks?

The truth is, no one knows.

These are private individuals.

They don’t have to reveal why they invest in a particular stock. They can buy as many shares in any stock they want, whether it’s a tiny $1 stock or a large blue chip company

All you have to do is “make their shares, your shares”… and you can let them drive the price of these stocks up for you.

Back in 2002, one of these 7,524 millionaires – a computer scientist from MIT – bought 3.7 million shares in a tiny software developer called Activision (ATVI) – giving him 5% ownership in the firm.

What drove his decision? No one knows.

But it doesn’t matter.

All you had to do was make his shares in Activision, your shares in Activision.

This way you could have watched the price of that stock shoot up by 87% over the next 12 months.

But it didn’t end there…

Over the next several years, this same individual acquired an additional 9.8 million shares in Activision’s stock.

And as you can see, the price has been rising ever since… reaching a high of $40 at the end of 2015 – a total gain of 2,074%.

As you can see the sheer force of these millionaires is so extraordinary….

That all it takes is for one of them to target a stock, buy a significant percent of its outstanding shares, and it can send the stock into overdrive within a matter of weeks… even when no one sees it coming.

On February 10, 2009, during the height of the financial crisis, one of these 7,524 millionaires – a Princeton University graduate and former airline executive – revealed that he had just purchased over a million shares of Lions Gate Entertainment (LGF).

This took his total position to 12.2 million shares, giving him 14% ownership in the company.

At that point all you had to do was make his shares in Lions Gate, your shares in Lions Gate.

Then, you could have watched this stock rise by as much as 851%.

A few years later, on October 31, 2012, this same millionaire reported a purchase of 5.5 million shares in a streaming media company based out of Scotts Valley, California.

Again, I can’t tell you exactly why he targeted this stock.

But it doesn’t matter….

All you had to do was make his shares, YOUR shares and you could have capitalized on this outstanding 1,092% gain.

I’ll admit, for years I wouldn’t touch a stock unless I knew every little detail about it, from its total debt to any back taxes it may have owed on its properties.

But if I’ve learned anything it’s that no matter how much research you put into analyzing a company…

Whether it’s reading their SEC filings, touring their facilities, or even speaking directly with their CEO…

If you want to make get rich in today’s market, like the pros do – every single day – the only thing you could ever care about is the price of a stock. That’s it.

Everything else plays “second-fiddle.”

Because when someone targets a particular stock – regardless of whether it’s a profitable company or not – when they buy a significant portion of its outstanding shares, it creates a demand vacuum.

This happens when the supply of a stock dwindles down, causing demand to go up, which makes the remaining shares that much more valuable.

This in turn will cause the price – in plain English – to explode.

Try to buy a last minute ticket to the Super Bowl after and you’ll see what I mean… demand rises as everyone wants to get into the same game. This makes tickets much more valuable, causing the price to rise significantly.

Stocks work the same way.

That’s why I follow this group of 7,524 millionaires.

They are the only private group in America (that I know of) that practically has permission from the SEC to target any stock they want and inject millions of dollars into those stocks… even if it’s for the sole purpose of jacking up the price.

And not just by a few percentage points…

But by multiple magnitudes…

Coeur Mining (CDE), for example, is the largest silver producer in America…

This past year they took in $646 million in revenue.

Based on its public filings there is nothing about Coeur’s stock that make it an attractive investment.

Despite a minor increase in revenues from the previous year, its silver production is at a six-year low.

But again, it doesn’t matter…

At the end of 2015, this group of 7,524 investors targeted the stock and bought 15.1 million shares.

Whatever drove their decision is unknown.

But look at what happened to the price soon after…

From an historic low of $1.75, Coeur shot off like a rocket, producing 295% returns in less than three months.

As you can see, it doesn’t’ matter what the stock is…

Once this group of 7,524 millionaires targets a company, the sky is the limit.

Educational Development Corporation (EDUC) – is a tiny business that publishes children’s books. Last year they made about $48 million, a 19% increase from the previous year’s earnings. They also made the recent decision to cut themselves from Amazon, where they generate about 20% of their sales.

But even when you mix the good with the bad, there is nothing about this company that stands out as a stock you’d absolutely want to own.

But in 2015, these 7,524 millionaires saw something that nobody else did, which led them to purchase over 240,000 shares.

The stock shifted into overdrive, rising up 240% in just five short months.

Again, why these millionaires targeted these stocks is entirely irrelevant.

What matters is that right now, this same group is actively pumping millions of dollars into some of the smallest stocks on the market…

And you can now get behind these same exact trades.

It’s like you’re making their shares your shares.

I realize this may completely shatter your perception about investing…

But as someone who has spent 34 years scouring 10ks, earnings, releases, and analyst reports – probably more so than anyone else – I’ve realized that the only thing that matters when it comes to getting rich with stocks is the price. Nothing else.

Look at this list…

These are some of the 100 best performing stocks of the last year… Do you recognize a single name? Probably not. Only two of these stocks have a market cap of over $20 million.

Most make absolutely no money.

But that doesn’t matter…

Because every one of these stocks has produced over 400% gains in less than a year.

Some have gone up as high as 9,900%… 20,100% even 54,265%.

This didn’t happen because of a higher earnings announcement. It happened because someone decided to buy a ton of shares in these companies…

Driving the prices WAY up.

That is why the biggest stock gains are NEVER generated by the so-called “sweethearts” of the market – companies like Bank of America, Pfizer, Twitter, Alibaba, and Ford.

More often than not they come from stocks that no one’s ever heard of…

…stocks whose price can be easily manipulated through large share purchases.

Aquinox (AQXP), for example, is a Canadian drug company with a market cap of $140 million and 21 employees. They don’t have a single drug on the market.

But to these 7,524 millionaires it made no difference.

In the beginning of August 2015, one of them bought a record 4.2 million shares, giving him 40% ownership in the firm.

The price exploded from $1.70 to $21 in just seven days.

All you had to do was make his shares, your shares.

Had you done so, you’d have made a tremendous 1,135% gain in seven days.

As you can see, these millionaires have an unfair advantage…

They know – in advance – that when they target a company, they have the power and influence to send the price soaring in a matter of days.

That’s why I call them…

America’s Legal “Frontrunners”.

Not because they are acting on insider information.

But because these 7,524 millionaires don’t have to sit around and wait for stocks to go up like everyone else.

They can move the price themselves.

First, they purchase a large percentage of a firm’s outstanding shares – usually over incremental periods to avoid drawing attention to themselves…

Then, once their positions are exposed, the tens of thousands of “copycat” investors who follow them will pile their money into those same stocks…

This combination of rapid buying power propels the stock’s price into the outer hemisphere.

The U.S. economy benefits from their actions as well…

For one thing, America’s frontrunners inject millions of dollars into small businesses which helps keep those businesses afloat.

Secondly, the process creates huge TAX revenue.

Being that the government is $19 trillion in debt…

They’re more than happy to earn extra revenue, wherever that money comes from.

And America’s frontrunners pay 23.8% of their profits to the U.S. government each year.

It amounts to billions of dollars in extra tax revenue for the government.

And these frontrunner don’t just make money for themselves…

Some of them donate to charities, universities, and other organizations.

One frontrunner recently gave $400 million to Harvard University’s engineering department. Another now gives public science teachers in New York City an extra $15,000 a year because he feels they deserve higher pay.

We even have documentation of a frontrunner who gave an eye-popping $742 million to charitable causes in one year.

Once you start making money with America’s frontrunners, you can donate your profits, too. It’s entirely up to you.

The only question you should be asking yourself now is…

How do you know exactly which stocks these 7,524 frontrunners are buying right now?

It’s actually simple.

This private group of millionaire investors has to periodically file what’s known as a 13F form…

This elusive document reveals which stocks each of America’s 7,524 frontrunners has just bought shares in. Here’s a small sample of a recent 13F form.

From left to right you can see the stocks this particular frontrunner purchased followed by the number of shares that were bought.

Think of the 13F as a “cheat” sheet.

It tells you exactly which stocks have been recently targeted by America’s frontrunners, allowing you to make their shares your shares before the price is pushed up.

On June 31, 2015 for example, a 13F was filed with the SEC…

It revealed that one of America’s frontrunners had just bought 2.2 million shares in a tiny company called AirMedia Group (AMCN).

The firm operates TV screens that display advertisement in airports and on airplanes.

Since 2009, AirMedia has lost $132.8 million.

But to these frontrunners, that didn’t matter.

Between March 1st and June 30 of 2015, they bought 2.2 million shares in the company and the stock was driven up 250% in two months.

Same with Innocoll (INNL), a surgical implant manufacturer.

In 2014 this stock IPO’d at $9 and the price immediately dropped like a bag of bricks, down to $4 within a few months.

But then, in April 2015, America’s frontrunners targeted the stock. They bought 2.5 million shares, giving him 10% ownership in the company.

When this position was disclosed in the corresponding 13F filing, all you had to do was make these shares, your shares…

Then you could have made a fast 120% gain in just three months.

You wouldn’t have had to do but buy this stock when it was disclosed in the 13F filing


This is an entirely NEW way of investing in that you are no longer buying stocks and hoping that the investing public follows your lead…

But instead buying stocks that have been targeted by 7,524 of the richest and most influential people in America…

People who have the power to drive prices of small stocks way up.

All you have to do is make their shares, your shares.

And let them help you make 500% gains or more in a matter of weeks.

Last year, Arch Coal Inc. (ACIIQ) was one of the worst performing stocks on the market.

In the first eight months of the year, it LOST 93% of its value.

But America’s frontrunners saw it as an opportunity to resurrect a dying business. They saw something that the public did not.

Maybe it was insider buying or a restructuring initiative?

Either way it doesn’t matter…

In August 2015 one frontrunner bought 553,200 shares of the company – a stake that would turn out to be worth $1.3 million.

All you had to do was add this stock to your portfolio when the position was disclosed in the 13F filing.

And you could have watched this stock – which was written off by most “experts” – make you an incredible 638% gain in just over two weeks.

As I mentioned, once a quarter, every frontrunner is required to disclose which stocks they are buying in a 13F filing.

The problem is…

With 7,524 frontrunners now operating throughout the market, there are literally thousands of 13F forms filed on a regular basis.

That means there are tens of thousands of companies being targeted at any given moment.

So how do you know which of these companies to add to your portfolio?

Take a look…

What you’re seeing is data taken from a computer system that costs around $25,000 a year to access.

Considered to be one of the most complex systems in the world, it is only used by 0.005% of the global population.

But it allows me to see what few others can…

And that is how much of an impact each frontrunner is having on a given stock.

Take a look at this image. It’s a screenshot taken directly from this $25,000 computer system.

The blue line you see is the share price of Expedia (EXPE) – the online travel booking company. While the green line represents the buying pattern of one of America’s frontrunners – a 44-year-old multi-millionaire pilot who specifically targets transportation and travel companies.

Do you see the correlation between these two lines?

They go hand in hand…

Notice that as this frontrunner increasingly bought more shares in Expedia’s stock, the price went higher and higher.

In other words, this frontrunner has a huge impact on Expedia’s price.

From the end of 2011 to today, Expedia’s stock has gone up as high as 368%.

This same thing happened with International – a Chinese travel agency founded in 1999.

In the fourth quarter of 2012, a frontrunner reported a 460,000 share purchase in the company – exactly 4.3% of the firm’s outstanding shares.

Then, over the next nine months, he bought an additional 784,400 shares, giving him 9.6% ownership in the firm.

Again, look at how as he bought more shares in this company, the stock soared.

In 12 months he helped push the price up by 152%.

Or look at what happened when another frontrunner bought 160,000 shares in a company called StanCorp Financial Group, Inc. (SFG). The impact was immediate…

In just 24 days, StanCorp saw its price go up 48%. Again, look at the connection between these two lines…

As this frontrunner increased his position size, the stock exploded.

Here’s another screenshot …

The blue line you see is the price of Home Depot’s (HD) stock.

The green line represents a frontrunner with $1.56 billion in buying power and the number of shares he owned. Over the last three years he has purchased over 362,000 shares of Home Depot’s stock.

And as you can see, as he increased his position size in the firm, the share price continued to soar… going from around $44 to $134 since 2012 – a total gain of 204%.

Now please be aware of something…

Very few people in the world have access to this $25,000 computer system.

We had to consult with a team of legal experts before even showing this data to you.

And that’s because it reveals the single greatest indicator in the markets.

It shows me which stocks are being legally manipulated most by America’s frontrunners.

Pinnacle Entertainment (PNK), for example, is a company that owns 15 casinos across the Midwest.

Since this tiny stock hit the market in 1990, it’s been nothing but a volatile mess. But then, in early 2014, a major frontrunner purchased over 181,000 shares. A few months later, he bought another 591,140 shares.

Why… I can’t say…

But it doesn’t matter.

His purchase activity was helping to push Pinnacle’s stock way up…

Within six months the price rocketed 92%.

During the end of 2013, another one of America’s frontrunners – a Ph.D. in Financial Economics from MIT – purchased 835,737 shares in Sibanye Gold Limited (SBGL), a tiny South African gold miner.

Notice again that as this frontrunner increased his ownership in the firm, Sibanye’s stock went from $5 to $10 a share in just three months.


It’s impossible to say that all of these stocks went up in price solely because of America’s frontrunners.

Like any major price hike, sometimes there can be other forces in play.

But the evidence is there, in plain view. And this computer system is the one tool that shows me exactly which stocks are being most affected by America’s frontrunners.

At the end of 2010, for example, one frontrunner based out of Boston, bought 332,030 shares of Transdigm Group (TDG) – a $12 billion aerospace company out of Ohio.

Today he owns a whopping 1.33 million shares.

You can see in this chart below that as he’s continued to buy more shares in the company, the stock has gone up in price…

The connection is undeniable.

Or look at FleetCor Technologies (FLT), a $13 billion company that manages and processes commercial fuel cards…

In late 2012, a 54-year-old frontrunner with more than $30 billion in buying power bought over 276,000 shares of FleetCor’s stock.

Again, notice that the price – the blue line on your screen – has gone up alongside this frontrunners position – which is indicated by the green line.

Same thing with CubeSmart (CUBE), a $5 billion company that owns over 300 self-storage facilities in 26 states.

From 2006 to today, one frontrunner has bought 3.9 million shares of Cube Smart’s stock. In that time, this stock has risen to $32 a share today – an astounding 1,500%.

Up until this point in your life you’ve probably been told time and time again that you should only invest in stocks that are growing their revenues, increasing their product lines, and are viewed favorably by analysts and other market “experts.”

Of course, if you’re getting rich investing this way, that’s great. Continue what you’re doing…

But if you want to get behind the markets biggest rallies…

And buy stocks, knowing – in advance – that the richest 7,524 people in America are “backing your trades”…

And that the tens of thousands of “copycat” investors who follow them are going to drive the price of those stocks up even further.

Then pay close attention.

Because I’m now going to tell you about some of the best performing frontrunners …

And how they can make you rich in the next 12 months.

As I’ve mentioned this group is extremely private…

Most of them do not advertise, engage in social media, or conduct interviews with the press. In fact, they are only willing to share information with other millionaire investors.

But after 34 years of studying their buying patterns and measuring the performance of the stocks they’ve invested in…

I’ve been able to pinpoint the small handful of America’s frontrunners (about 5%) that, based on my decades of research, produce superior returns whenever they target a stock.

What makes these particular frontrunners so successful?

Each one specializes in one sector of the market….

And they will use their knowledge and expertise to target the most undervalued stocks within those sectors.

One of these frontrunners, for example, holds a Ph.D. from Harvard in Virology. He targets stocks in the healthcare sector. Over the last five years, the companies he’s targeted have gone up by an eye-popping 9,078%.

Another frontrunner is an award-winning mathematician and former codebreaker for the U.S. government. He uses his experience to target IT firms.

These are the ten stocks he is most heavily invested in right now. Once again, notice that since 2009, every one of these companies has shot up in price, producing exponential gains as high as 810%… 1,625%… and 1,900%.

I also know of a 56-year-old frontrunner who spent years involved in real estate investment and commercial property activities. With $50 billion in buying power, he targets construction stocks and development firms.

Here are the ten companies he’s most heavily invested in.

Rather than walk you through each one, I’ll let the charts themselves do the talking…

As you can see since March 2009, these companies have produced 809% average peak gains.

Another top frontrunner I’ve discovered is an engineer from Stanford University.

His office is located along a busy commercial street in Palo Alto, alongside upscale restaurants and boutiques.

Inside, he and his team of experts – including two physicians from Duke University – spend their days analyzing small healthcare and technology stocks with market caps under $3 billion.

Their research has allowed them to get behind some of the biggest windfalls in recent history.

From 1996 to 1998 they purchased 1.9 million shares in a scientific consulting company called Exponent (EXPO). The stock is now up 3,900%.

In 2005, they bought shares in a company called BioMarin Pharmaceutical (BMRN). The stock has since gone from $6 to as high as $150 a share – a 2,400% explosion.

And on March 31, 2010, they purchased nearly 745,000 shares in Abiomed (ABMD) – a tiny manufacturer that builds medical implant devices.

That stock has since gone from roughly $8 to $110 a share, a huge 1,175% gain.

These are America’s most successful frontrunners…

Specifically, millionaire investors who have years of schooling and experience in a particular industry… and then apply that knowledge to the markets where they can easily target stocks whose price can be manipulated.

And these frontrunners don’t just randomly pick stocks out of the blue. .

They do more research on a given stocks than anyone…

They visit CEOs, tour production facilities, talk to suppliers, and customers…

According to one reporter whose work has appeared in the The Huffington Post, some of these frontrunners have even huddled with lawmakers in “nondescript Capitol basements” to find out legislative decisions that will affect the markets—hours before the public does.

In short, they will often go to ANY lengths to uncover details about companies just so that they’re able to buy shares before any major announcement.

This way they know that when they target these stocks they are buying them at the cheapest possible price…

Allowing them to optimize their buying power and use their influence to send stocks soaring to incredible heights.

Consider this frontrunner – an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania. He works out of his seven-bedroom house in Bethesda, Maryland.

He has $2.06 billion in buying power, which is equal to the net worth of nearly 25,397 Americans.

He only targets specific stocks in the finance and consumer sectors of the market. We’re talking credit companies, online broker firms, retail companies, clothing designers, automobile manufacturers, so forth.

Here’s a list of the eight companies he’s purchased between 500,000 and 2.8 million shares in.

The first thing I want you to notice is that every one of these companies has shot up in value over the last several years. Not by 10% or 20%, but as high as 1,100%, 1,230% and 2,150% – the kinds of gains rarely ever seen – even in a bull market.

Next I’d like you to look at when this frontrunner purchased shares in some of these stocks. You can see that it was only after he bought these shares that the price took off.

Now imagine if you added those same stocks to your portfolio when these positions were disclosed in the 13F filing.

You’d have made an absolute killing.

Again, when it comes to profiting from America’s frontrunners, it’s simple.

Make their shares, your shares and let them drive the price up for you. It is by far the most effective way to capture potentially colossal gains on every stock you buy going forward.

And now that I know which of these frontrunners have the biggest impact on the stocks they target, you no longer have to invest on your own.

You can use America’s frontrunners to make you richer every single week.

One frontrunner I’ve found operates out of a tiny, old church in Princeton, New Jersey.

He has gone from having $25,000 to $650 million in buying power.

He primarily targets small-cap IT stocks.

In April 2009, he targeted Autobytel Inc. (ABTL) – an internet information provider.

Had you made his shares in Autobytel your shares in Autobytel… you’d have since earned an enormous 1,000% return.

A few months later, on September 25, 2009, this same frontrunner bought shares in a New Jersey telecom company called IDT Corp (IDT).

Again, I can’t tell you why…

But it doesn’t matter.

Had you bought this stock as soon as he got in, you’d have seen a 2,100% return.

And then on March 20, 2013 he targeted Motorcar Parts of America (MPAA). In one day he bought 10% of the company’s outstanding shares.

The stock went up as high as 600%.

That’s 3,700% total gains on just three stocks this single frontrunner targeted.

Now imagine the kind of money you could make with SEVERAL frontrunners. You could literally become a millionaire in a matter of months.

This is why my team and I have spent years tracking this particular group of frontrunners….

We know that once they target a stock, huge gains typically follow.

In August 2011, for example, I told investors about a pharmaceutical research company called Galápagos NV (GLPG).

At the time the stock was worth $8.50 a share.

Less than a year later, a top-performing frontrunner bought 1.7 million shares of Galápagos (GLPG), which represented 6.48% of the company’s outstanding shares.

Naturally, the stock was going to get a significant boost from this purchase.

And it did.

Since then, the price has gone up 393%.

More recently in April 2015, another one of these top frontrunners – a PhD in biomedical engineering from Oxford University – targeted a stock called Pharmacyclics (PCYC). The company develops treatments for lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

After purchasing 10.7% of their outstanding shares, Pharmacyclics’ stock flew upwards by an incredible 818%.

Investors who added Pharmacyclics to their portfolio could have seen a $10,000 investment turn into over $90,000.

As I stated earlier, all it takes is for one frontrunner to target a stock and it can send the price up 500% or more in just a matter of weeks.

And now that I have access to this $25,000 computer system I know exactly which frontrunners to track and which stocks they’re impacting the most.

This information is priceless.

That’s why I’ve spent the past year and a half putting together a report that reveals exactly where these top frontrunners are putting their money.

It’s called “Frontrunning the Market.”

This document reveals not only which sectors America’s top frontrunners are targeting, but also which stocks they are targeting right now. This way you can add their newest positions to your portfolio and make their shares, your shares.

In this report you’ll get details on a frontrunner that has increased his average return to 857%. And he’s done it by investing heavily in health-care stocks. Many of his targets blow that number out of the water.

At the end of 2008, he bought 1.8 million shares of Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (VNDA), kicking off a run that drove the share price up 1,933% in just five months:

Another one of these top frontrunners detailed in this report, focuses almost exclusively on tech companies and has grown his average return by 18,310% in the last six years.

You read that correctly – an 18,310% rate of increase for his average returns.

Another top frontrunner has increased his average return by 11,484% in just three years. He is primarily focused on boosting shares of internet and transportation companies.

These frontrunners represent the very best of the 7,524 frontrunners now operating throughout America.

All you have to do is make their shares, your shares and you can watch as they boost the price of those stocks up for you.

Again, everything is in my new report: Frontrunning the Market.

In this report, you’ll also get details on what many consider to be the most powerful frontrunner in the country – a man who for the last decade has increased his average return by 32,738% – an unprecedented measure of success – even through the Great Recession of 2008.

If you’d like to find out how to receive a copy of this report, click on the link at the bottom of your screen.

Once you gain access, open it up and review the content…

There’s a lot to take in…

But trust me when I say this…

If you choose to buy the stocks these frontrunners are now piling into, you are aligning yourself with America’s most powerful investment group.

And that is exactly where you want to be in today’s wildly unpredictable market.

With each position, you are investing your money into the same stocks as individuals – who for decades – have been buying up stocks and attracting average investors to those stocks in order to boost their price to untold highs.

And as I’ve shown you throughout this presentation, whether they’re boosting the price up themselves through large purchases or relying on the public to follow their lead, America’s frontrunners are the one group behind some of the biggest gains on Wall Street today.

As I said, tracking this group isn’t easy.

They move money in and out of stocks on a regular basis.

So to keep up with their activities, I publish a daily financial advisory called Private Briefing.

To my knowledge, this is the only financial source in the world that reveals which stocks America’s top frontrunners are invested in.

This is what makes Private Briefing one of, if not the best performing financial research service in the industry.

From Glu Mobile to Organovo, Capstone Turbine, Boeing, Valero…

At this very moment, 29 Private Briefing recommendations have reached peak gains of over 100%. Another seven have surpassed 200% peak gains.

And 11 have shot past 300%… including 628% on Celldex.

All together I’ve produced 129 winning investments in just the last three years.

I didn’t pick these stocks just because they looked good on paper…

They were chosen because America’s top frontrunners had just bought them…

For example, on March 11, 2015, I issued a Private Briefing that disclosed details on TrovaGene Inc. (TROV), a $6 medical technology stock. At the time, 15% of this company’s outstanding shares had been bought by a powerful frontrunner…

So I immediately informed investors that it was time to take action.

The stock went straight up for the next three months, peaking at over $13 a share. A total gain of 113%.

Six months later, on September 7, 2015, I issued a Private Briefing on a tiny firm called Vuzix Corp (VUZI). The company currently works for the pentagon in providing a new kind of “smart glass“ technology to the military. These are glasses designed to give soldiers enhanced battlefield intelligence.

Approximately 30% of the firm’s outstanding shares had just been purchased by an incredibly powerful group of frontrunners.

I told investors to add the stock to their portfolio. As expected, the stock shot off, producing 92% gains over the next four months.

Throughout this presentation I’ve shown you example after example of how once these frontrunners get behind a stock, they can boost the price beyond anyone’s expectations.

I’ve seen it hundreds of times.

But there’s one particular frontrunner I’m eyeing right now…

He’s a 73-year-old from the Bronx with $39 billion in buying power.

This is a guy who personally made $88.5 million in 2014 alone.

To give you an idea of just how effective this man is at picking stocks and driving up the price of those stocks, here are the companies he’s purchased more than 100,000 shares of recently…

If you notice, these are all major defense stocks. Each one has produced outstanding gains.

So why would America’s richest frontrunner put his money into defense stocks?

The answer is two-fold.

#1: The defense sector is the one industry that is practically immune to the market, which is why every one of these companies has gone up, some by over 500%.

#2: As long as there is violence in the world, demand for weapons will only increase – and not just here in the U.S. but everywhere.

This growing, insatiable demand for weapons is exactly what keeps stocks like Lockheed Martin (LMT), Raytheon (RTN), General Dynamics (GD), and Northrop Grumman going up in price year after year, no matter who is in the White House.

But right now, this rich and powerful frontrunner is pumping shares into one particular defense company.

It’s one of the smallest defense stocks on the market. To give you an idea, it’s about 1/65th the size of their competitor – Lockheed Martin.

But what set this company apart from any other defense firm is that they design “specialized” engines that intercept missiles.

They’ve also helped power nearly all of NASA’s manned spacecraft, as well as the space probes that have traveled to nearly every planet in our solar system.

Based on publicly available information, this company is a great investment…

Since 2013, it’s grown its revenues every single year…

And its recently secured a $67 million contract to develop a new type of engine that will play a major role in America’s upcoming mission to mars.

But what makes this stock even more exciting is that, America’s richest frontrunner now owns 4.9 million shares in it, giving him 7% ownership.

Why has he targeted this stock?

I honestly can’t say for sure…

But what I do know is this…

This defense company has a secret asset…

12,200 acres of prime real estate in Northern California – specifically the eastern parts of Sacramento County.

If you know anything about Sacramento, then you know that the population there has grown exponentially. It’s nearly quadrupled since the 1950s…

Property values are soaring. And now a new city is being developed here, exactly where this land is located.

And this tiny defense company owns the entire lot. It is one of the largest single-owner tracts of land in the region.

Because they bought this land back in the 1950s, according to our estimates, it is now worth 2,500% more than what they paid for it…

And right now, they’re selling this land to investors.

It’s safe to say the general public is completely oblivious to this story.

It’s one of the best pieces of information on Wall Street today, which is why I believe America’s richest frontrunner has targeted the stock.

He knows that when word begins to spread, this tiny stock could easily top $50 a share.

To make sure these shares become your shares I’d like to give you a confidential document called A Secret Land Deal Worth 2,500% in Profits.

Inside, I’ll reveal exactly who this rich frontrunner is and how his moves could make you incredibly rich in the coming months.

If you’re invested in the market right now… you know how unpredictable stocks have been…

So why leave it completely to chance when you can now buy stocks whose share price is being legally manipulated by a powerful group of multimillionaires and the investing masses that follow their lead?

The choice is obvious.

If you’d like to start receiving my Private Briefing and learn how to align yourself with America’s frontrunners, I’d like to give you both reports I’ve outlined in this presentation…

The first one – Frontrunning the Market– is the culmination of 18 months’ worth of investigative reporting. Here you’ll get details on the best performing frontrunners operating today and the stocks they just bought shares in.

The second one – A Secret Land Deal Worth 2,500% in Profits – will reveal the identity of America’s richest frontrunner… where he is investing his money right now… and details on a tiny defense stock that happens to own one of the largest single-owner tracts of land in California.

It’s taken me 34 years to become an expert in tracking these frontrunners…

Which is why I’m only distributing copies of these report to members of Private Briefing.

If you decide you’d like to join my service, you will receive your copies immediately, in addition to:

  • Daily Editions of Private Briefing: Every morning I will send you my latest investigative findings of the market via email. From acquisition deals to new firm developments and strategic partnerships…Private Briefing offers you backdoor access to a part of the financial world that is often difficult for everyday investors to access, including where America’s frontrunners are putting their money.
  • The Weekly Market Rundown: Then on Saturday, you’ll get the weekly market rundown. This is a streamlined analysis of the past week’s events and how the recommendations have performed.
  • The Monthly Private Briefing Executive Summary: Now at the end of every month, I will send you a complete overview of every new investment that was covered during the previous 30 days. This way, in case you missed an opportunity, you can still take advantage of it.
  • Roundtable Report: In addition to all of this, once a year, I’ll provide you the roundtable report. This comprehensive report discloses the biggest trends for the coming year and investments directly associated with them. If you opt to receive Private Briefing, you will gain access to the latest edition of the Roundtable Report. It will reveal four opportunities that you can instantly take advantage of – one in energy transportation, one in aviation technology, another in U.S. commercial security systems, and a leading chemical firm.
  • 24/7 Access to the Private Briefing Members’ Website: You’ll also be given 24/7 access to the Private Briefing members website. This is where every issue of the Private Briefing is filed along with an archive where you’ll find copies of more than 30 research reports.

Now, I’m going to make this decision easy for you…

At the beginning of this presentation I made it clear that even though I’ve seen 17,781% total peak gains over the last five years…

And employ an entire team of experts to help me monitor and track where America’s frontrunners are putting their money…

I live a modest lifestyle.

And I refuse – often against my publisher’s wishes – to charge more than $240 a year for a Private Briefingmembership.

But today I’m going above and beyond that…

I’m giving you an instant and unprecedented 84% discount…

That’s the most money I’ve ever taken off a membership…

But I’m doing this because I believe that by following America’s frontrunners and making their shares, your shares… you will no longer be held hostage by Wall Street’s elitists.

You will no longer find yourself at the whims of an increasingly volatile market that never quite knows if it’s in a bull or bear mode.

Instead you can now let America’s frontrunners do the work for you… and potentially drive up your stocks 500% or more in a matter of weeks.

That being said, last thing I want is for you to miss out on these gains because of a membership fee.

So I’m giving you a year of Private Briefing for $39, that’s less than taking your family to the movies.

For this low price you can gain access to everything I’ve mentioned to you in this presentation…

That includes my two new reports:

Frontrunning the Market


A Secret Land Deal Worth 2,500% in Profits

As well as everything else I’ve just mentioned:

  • The Daily Editions of Private Briefing
  • The Weekly Market Rundown
  • The Monthly Private Briefing Executive Summary
  • 24/7 Access to the Private Briefing Members’ Website
  • The Private Briefing VIP Concierge Service
  • And the Roundtable Report

And that’s just to get you started…

Over the next year, you will get details on at least two dozen investment opportunities through your Private Briefing membership.

As one of the few people who knows the identity of all 7,524 frontrunners, their buying patterns, and which of these millionaire investors are most effective at boosting stocks…

I’ve been able to show my readers how to generate tremendous wealth.  And that’s something I’m extremely proud of.

As Private Briefing member Ali Solinger writes:

I am thrilled with your “Private Briefing” service!

I bought Trius on 3/26 for $6.99 and sold it yesterday for $13.75; a 96% GAIN! I am currently holding Celldex at a 233% GAIN.

Also, Innocollat a 149% GAIN; And my biggest, Pharmacyclics at a 235% and COUNTING. . .

You definitely have the knowledge and inside track on WINNERS!!! THANK YOU Bill!”

Julian Welchek another recipient of my Private Briefing, says:

On Trius I’m up 98%, while on Inovio I’m up 134%.

Keep up the good work. I love the tone of your writing and the stock picks you suggest are terrific.”

And Trystan Samisen – who’s been with me since the beginning – has this to say:

 “I have to congratulate you on the excellent job you are doing. I’ve seen many triples and doubles in my portfolio.

By offering you the chance to receive Private Briefing for $39, I’m giving you the keys to what I believe is the market’s greatest secret– a group of 7,524 millionaire investors who are handpicking small stocks throughout the market.

And driving up their price by 500% or more in a matter of weeks.

The decision is now in your hands.

And keep in mind, if you accept this offer, you can lock in that deeply discounted $39 rate for as long as you choose to stay a member – which I’m confident is going to be a very long time.

Plus, I’m also going to include a 30-day, 100% refund guarantee with your subscription.

This will give you the opportunity to invest in the recommendations you will receive, track their progress, and access all of the tools and resources that are included in your Private Briefing membership.

And if at any time during the next 30 days you feel this isn’t right for you, simply contact our team and we’ll refund you every penny of your membership.

No questions asked.

In this presentation I’ve shown you over 60 examples of just how impactful America’s frontrunners can be when they decide to target a company…

It can often lead to gains of 500%… 2,000%… 10,000% and higher.

At this point, you have to ask yourself…

Will you continue to buy stocks off hype, intuition, the media, or because some “analyst” told you to?

Or will you let America’s top frontrunners drive your shares up for you.

The answer is obvious – at least to me it is…

As someone who has spent a lifetime analyzing businesses, I can honestly admit that even if you invest in the fastest-growing, most profitable businesses in America there is absolutely no assurance you’ll make money.

Because in the end, it’s not the company itself that will make you big gains, it’s the price of their stock.

Nothing else matters.

And no one is more effective at boosting stock prices than America’s frontrunners.

Remember, I’ve identified the best-performing frontrunners now operating on the market and their most recent round of targets. But to ensure you get the opportunity to ride these gains all the way to the top, you have to move quickly.

Click the button below where you can secure all of this for only $39.

I hope you make the right decision.

I’m Bill Patalon

Thanks for joining me today.


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