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How You Could Become a
True Financial Guru and Safely
Make Big Money As You Learn

14,000 individuals are already using
this no-holds-barred, step-by-step guide
for finding double- and triple-digit gains
– in less than 4 minutes a day…

Dear Reader,

My name is Bill Patalon.

I am going to show you how to become a true financial guru… and how you could safely make big money as you learn.

Starting today, I’m going to show you step by step exactly how to think… invest… and win like a pro. Every day, you’ll learn something valuable and have the opportunity to bank double- and triple-digit gains, as you’ll soon see.

With the very first “lesson,” you’ll join a totally new and higher class of investor. One who enjoys great freedoms… and with significantly greater wealth almost immediately.

Your sphere of influence will grow, and in a short time, your friends and family will be asking you for advice.

And you know what?

You won’t have to tell them a thing, if you don’t want to.

That’s the beauty of being a financial guru. You’ll be the one calling the shots.

You’ll be in complete control.

Every day, I’ll give you and my readers the knowledge, success and strategies that only a handful of people have been able to glean after years in the trenches. I’ll even introduce you to experts in global markets, oil & energy, and high-yielding income investment opportunities, and you’ll get it all straight from me.

In all, we will teach you the truth about investing… and show you the secrets to building financial freedom and creating wealth.

And here’s the best part…

You’ll have the opportunity to make money while you learn. Big money. Not some time in the future, but now – today.

The fact is the financial impact of raising your investing skills and increasing your use of insider secrets cannot be overestimated.

Let me show you what I mean…

Meet Jack Thomas…

He’s no different than any other ordinary investor trying to make some money in the markets and build a sizeable portfolio. With one exception…

Every day Jack receives a “Private Briefing.” My daily “Private Briefing” gives my readers investing education, stock and income recommendations, and investing strategies few outside of the business know about.

I show readers like Jack not just the how’s and why’s, but also actual opportunities, that, if they so choose, have the potential to make them quite wealthy.

It’s simple: I give them the opportunity to make money as they learn.

For example, I recently sent out a “Private Briefing” that showed Jack, and 14,000 readers like him, an insider’s “trick” to using the Relative Strength Index (RSI). It’s a technique that helps the pros pick investments with a very high probability of moving up in price.

Now, you may or may not know much about the RSI. Put simply, it gives a value on a stock based on scale of 0 to 100, relative to other stocks in its sector.

Most people ignore the RSI altogether, or make the mistake of using the RSI solely to determine if a stock is “overbought” or “oversold.” But here’s where increasing your knowledge of even basic indicators like the RSI can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

You see, if you understand how to truly read market indicators you’ll have a much greater chance of picking a winner – and making big money.

Just by using the little trick I knew about RSI I was able to show Jack the best energy sector investment to buy right now. It turned out to be a relatively unknown mid-stream oil player with huge upside and an eye-popping dividend yield of 9%.

No doubt Jack was happy. He wrote to us recently saying,

“I closed out your recommendation for a $2,500 profit on a $7,500 investment in less than a month!”

Meanwhile, as Jack was learning about RSI – and making a nice profit while he learned – he was also getting powerful lessons every day that he could put to use immediately.

Here’s just a few…

  • The Secret Strategy For Doubling Your Money – Selling a stock at exactly the right time is critical for your success. The last thing you want is to see your gains skyrocket, often past 100%, and then watch your profits dwindle to nothing as the stock recedes. Yet one strategy could ensure that never happens to you. In fact, it allows you an opportunity to play with the house’s money, limiting your risk with infinite upside. In fact, this technique allows you to own a stock for free. And it’s incredibly easy. The only thing stopping you from doubling your money today is knowing how this simple technique works.
  • The “Insiders” Method For Riding Unstoppable Trends - These are the economic trends with trillions of dollars in new capital flowing directly at them. These go on every day behind the scenes. Catch these “capital waves” at the right time, and you’ll have an opportunity to make huge gains in one swoop. There are several strategies for doing this, but one stands out. It may be the single most important thing you’ll learn. The best investors use this simple technique for pinpointing, with deadly accuracy, when these global trends will hit. All you need is someone showing you what to look for so you can ride these waves for the biggest gains right away.
  • The Single Best Metric For Finding A Stock On Sale – Buying a stock when the underlying value is “right” can mean the difference between a single-digit gain and a triple-digit return. And one metric reveals the “sweet spot” time and again. It tells you the difference between an “imposter” stock – one manipulated by Wall Street to sell at an inflated price simply- and a great company selling for a fraction of its true worth. You can track this metric on Yahoo Finance or Google Finance online in about 10 seconds. Learn to use it correctly, your gains will soar.

The best part? Armed with these insights, someone like Jack is not just learning the true techniques of investing… he’s been given the opportunity to put them to use as he learns them. And that means money in the pocket.

Think of it this way. Have you ever gone to Vegas and sat down at the beginners black jack table? That’s where the dealer tells you exactly how to play each hand.

Now, I’m not a gambler, but I did this once. And the dealer helped me win every hand. He knew better than me what the odds were on every hand… when to hit, when to sit tight, when to double down, and pretty much when the dealer would bust.

This is exactly what I do every day with people like Jack – show them exactly how to play the markets. They learn as they go. They can get this kind of instruction every day for as long as they like… or they can go off on their own when they feel they’re ready.

Like Jack Thomas, you’re given the opportunity to profit immediately and build up long-term freedom, stability… and wealth… all while becoming a true financial guru yourself.

Ted Robinson is another ordinary investor using my daily “private briefings” to increase his knowledge… and make strong, immediate profits…

Recently when the markets began their wicked volatility, I showed Ted and readers like him not only how to survive… but thrive… under these tough conditions.

I admit… I had some help on this.

When it comes to weathering market volatility, I always seek the expertise of Shah Gilani, our Capital Wave Forecast editor and former hedge fund manager extraordinaire.

Nobody understands how to play volatility like Shah. In fact, he’s one of the experts who helped create the volatility index back in the 1980s. He knows how it works inside and out. In fact, on the very same day the Dow crashed 635 points last August, he led his reader to gains of 456%, 455%, 371%, and 196% in one day.

So how does he do it?

One way is by using the Volatility Index. Few regular investors even know it exists. Yet it allows anyone with know-how to make a simple trade on the level of volatility in the market.

Now, you know yourself when the markets get volatile… You hear about it on the news every time the market swings up or down.

Of course, for years, Wall Street has perpetuated a myth that playing volatility is too complicated for the average investor.

Well, with Shah Gilani on your side this is a bunch of baloney…

And if you know how and when to buy and sell the right way… with the least risk possible – you’ll do something truly extraordinary: You’ll actually turn volatility in your favor.

It’s during this “switch” (getting volatility to work for you – rather than against you) when you’ll find opportunities to make significant amounts of money. Just like Shah did in August.

Ted is certainly learning… He recently wrote us with this good news:

“I bought PNR when you recommended it and tripled my money! Also got my eye on CNH and BRY. Thanks again for the great plays.”

The Profit Difference Between
Amateurs… and Insiders

What made the difference with Jack and Ted? How are they seeing such solid returns, when so many others are losing money in the markets today?

The difference is knowledge… The kind of knowledge that helps them learn and make money at the same time.

It’s called Private Briefing. Every day Private Briefing gives them specific recommendations… PLUS a solid education on insider investing secrets.

Leonard W. is another Private Briefing reader who recognizes the value of these unique briefings. He wrote:

“Dear Bill and your fabulous team of experts,
Just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY much for allowing my wife and me to access your expertise… Everything you have forecast has been playing out just like you said it would. Thanks again Bill for allowing me into a world that I knew was there but could not access until now.”

And Benjamin Adams, another Private Briefing reader, added:

“I spend 10k per year on investment advice… but Private Briefing is my first read each day. Thank you so much for your insight and great explanations.”

I’m glad Benjamin reads Private Briefing each morning.

But frankly, I’m not surprised.

After all, I’m not just giving him recommendations. I’m giving him a much more valuable education on how and why good investing works. After all, where else can you make money learning, rather than paying for it out of your own pocket?

The Ordinary Investor’s Biggest Mistake

You see, the bigwigs on Wall Street want you to believe that their million-dollar tactics are too sophisticated and complex for the investor with small sums of money.

This is one of the biggest lies ever told.

The fact is, the same strategies, tactics, and investment principles you’d use to create wealth with a million dollars are the same things you would do with $1,000.

In fact, you had better do those things if you ever want to grow that $1,000 into a million. And that’s not a pie-in-the-sky dream. It just takes some help, determination and confidence to make the right choices.

It starts with those million-dollar investment secrets and strategies you’ll learn from my “Private Briefings” every day.

Here’s a few I’ve shown my readers in the past few weeks alone…

  • The Most Powerful “Buy Signal” On a Beaten Down Stock – When is a stock set to reverse course and go on a profit run? Finding the answer is easier than you think. You can get it just by tracking the “moves” of a certain group of people. If anyone has “special knowledge” about the company and its potential to skyrocket, it’s them. It only takes about 10 seconds to track them. If you knew where to look, you could scoop up several juicy opportunities today.
  • The One “Insurance” Play Designed to Protect Your Nest Egg – Did you know there’s an investment opportunity that can make you money every time the Dow goes down? In fact, with this one specific investment you could not only win big if the markets stumble – you could make up to twice as much money as anyone using a “standard” hedge. It’s shockingly simple to set up – anyone can do it in three minutes with one security on the NYSE. Once you learn it, you’ll sleep like a baby even during these turbulent times.
  • The One Options Play for Safely Creating a “Cash Cow” – Some people think options are too risky or too complicated to trade. This is a myth that should be debunked immediately. Did you know certain options can actually give you income? Most people don’t. Yet one simple move can make you money every one to two months. Like clockwork. If you know how to use this technique properly, the profit potential becomes addictive. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be grabbing your share of those profits too – and right away!
  • How To Avoid the Dividend “Deadbeats” – When the market is shaky, buying high-quality dividend stocks is a great move. History shows dividend-paying stocks surpass non-dividend ones by as much as 25 to 1 over the long run. But if you shop by yield alone, you’re playing a dangerous game. First, not all dividend stocks are created equal. Even some with incredibly high yields are absolute duds. You could end up losing more money on the stock price than you ever gain on the income. The good news is there are three sure-fire ways to separate the winners from the “dead meat.” I can teach you those three ways in less than 4 minutes. Plus, I can show you a way to pick up 50 top dividend stocks in just one trade. That way you can enjoy the extra income – and potentially lucrative stock gains – at the same time.
  • The Diversification Myth – Diversify, diversify, diversify. It’s supposed to be the cardinal rule of investing. At least, that’s what the brokers tell you. But diversification for diversification sake is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. There’s a smarter method for building a rock-solid, moneymaking portfolio. This method capitalizes on the billions of dollars flowing into global growth and focuses on the biggest income plays that guarantee you a stream of cash. It also gives you a “structured’ portfolio,” one that protects your downside but still allows you to capture big money that can lead to an early retirement. Few understand just how powerful this system can be – but you’ll learn how to implement it immediately.
  • The Best Indicator For Winning Big In Global Markets – It’s not GDP like many people think. In fact, GDP is a financial ruse – the biggest of the past half century. That’s because it overplays the importance of government spending. There’s a much better way to get an accurate measure of economic growth. It’s a simple mathematical formula that gives you the output produced by the private sector alone. And with nearly every major foreign exchange beating U.S. markets for much of the past decade, you’re going to want to use this formula ASAP.

And that barely cracks the surface…

An Education that Pays You

Think about it… most people go to college for 4, 6 or even 12 years. During this time they get into ridiculous amounts of debt… The average student debt is $23,000. Some graduate students owe a whopping $100,000, depending on the type of school. Only after they graduate can they start their careers and begin making that money back.

But with Private Briefing, you’re receiving a top-level financial education… from some of the top investors in the world… all dedicated to giving you a real opportunity to make huge profits – while you’re learning.

I’m talking about Money Morning’s Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald… renowned oil & energy expert Dr. Kent Moors… former hedge fund manager Shah Gilani… global markets expert Martin Hutchinson… commodities specialist Peter Krauth… and the Pulitzer Prize-nominated writer and investor Michael Robinson.

These are all true blue insiders – former Wall Street honchos – who now lead high-level research advisory services for the Money Map Press. You may already be familiar with them from their reports in Money Morning… or their regular appearances on shows like Fox Business, CBS Marketwatch and CNBC. Between them they have over 150 years of market experience.

And they all know how to make money…

In 2011 alone they combined for over 100 double- and triple-digit gains for their subscribers. It’s no wonder they are able to charge thousands of dollars for their high-level research.

Take a look at the kinds of gains my team of financial experts has shown readers again and again…

  • 70% on Goldman Sachs
  • 125% on Fortuna Silver Miners
  • 115% on Paramount Gold and Silver Corp
  • 816% on Aluminum Corp of China
  • 200% on Yingli Green Energy
  • 108% on Brazil
  • 71% on Bucyrus
  • 233% on Linktone
  • 83% on Babcock and Brown Air Ltd
  • 138% on ABB
  • 300% on Silvercorp Mining
  • 234% on the Euro
  • 219% on Yanzhou Coal

And this is just a small sample.

I don’t know of any other dispatch that gives you such a real chance to take the pivotal next step in learning something you can use forever… while having the chance at making such big money.

Let me show you what I mean…

How Private Briefing Gives You
A 3-Part Insider Advantage

Private Briefing will give you three specific insider advantages to help you get rich:

First, Educate
Each day, I will show you insider techniques and strategies. This will help you learn how to invest like a true financial guru in record time… I estimate about 4 to 5 minutes a day. That’s the only commitment you’ll ever have to make. That’s all I’ll ever ask of you. And you’ll absolutely enjoy every minute of it.

You’ll learn secrets like…

  • How to spot the next technology trend…
  • How to build long-term wealth in a no-growth market…
  • Why a company raising dividends is always better than one buying back stocks…
  • The secret power of the little-known “PEG” ratio…
  • How, why and when the “200 Day Moving Average” can point to mega-profits – or losses…
  • What to look for when investing in ETFs… and why some ETFs should be avoided like the plague…
  • Where the stock and bond bargains are hiding…
  • How to avoid popular investing strategies that actually LIMIT your profit potential…
  • How to never pay full price for a stock – ever.

And so much more…

Second, Profit
I will give you daily opportunities to begin making money right away. My goal is to show you HOW to be a top-level investor… and show you how to make money while you are doing it.

Profit as you learn is my mantra. And I am very serious about it.

In fact, in the last nine months alone, my readers have had the chance to profit from as many as 45 winning picks, 24 of them for double-digit gains, including…

  • A “baby biotech” that develops treatments for rare, genetic diseases – so called “Orphan Diseases.” A few weeks after I recommended this tiny company, a Big Pharma heavyweight dished out $150 million for one of its drugs. Their stock price suddenly skyrocketed as much as 103.5%.
  • A breakthrough Internet company racing to be the first to build a fortress of safety against digital data. I told Private Briefing readers: “One day you’ll be talking about this company with the same reverence you have for Microsoft or Intel.”  A few months later, their stock zoomed as much as 146%.
  • A little-known tech company that recently developed a new micro-robot that can actually climb inside your body and “eat” cancerous tumors. The stock was trading at around $4 when I first wrote about in my “private briefing.” But in less than 3 months it shot up as much as 81%.
  • And another blockbuster potential biotech whose clinical trial drug recently received a $50 million “milestone” payment from a unit of Johnson & Johnson and saw their price skyrocket to 111% less than 4 months after we called it a “Buy.”

And that’s just to name a very few…

Third, Protect
Make no mistake: The volatility you’re seeing today isn’t going away anytime soon. There are just too many nasty events… like the euro crisis… America’s debt debacle… and global recession fears… happening right now creating market uncertainty.

But I’m going to show you insider techniques for bulletproofing your investments.

For example, last summer when the markets began their violent swings, I sent my readers a “private briefing” titled: “The One Safety Play Every Investor Should Make.”

I described a strategy that provides the same protection as a traditional “hedge” used by Wall Street insiders – but one without high cost and much less risk.

Then I showed readers how to use this strategy step by step.

It played out exactly as I said it would.

Exactly two weeks later, the Dow fell 600 points and nearly everything got creamed – even gold and silver. But my recommendation actually made money while everyone else in the market lost a fortune.

This is the kind of one-two punch: A solid education… coupled with an actionable strategy… that will show you gains consistently, day in and day out.

Your confidence will grow because you’ll know what the insiders know… you’ll know how they think… and you’ll know how to act in any given circumstance.

Think of that. No market upheaval will trouble you. You’ll calmly know how to profit in every market… just like a true financial guru.

The only thing you’ll have to watch out for is being mindful and modest with all the money you’ll be in position to make. Otherwise, your friends (and even folks you barely know) will bug you to death constantly looking for stock recommendations and advice.

Can You Really Gain an Insider’s Education,
Get Rich, and Protect Your Wealth
In Just 20 Minutes A Week?

Absolutely you can… Let me show you how Private Briefing works:

Every day I’ll send you a new lesson and opportunity. It might be based on a blazing hot current event… a market trend picking up speed… or some specific strategy I feel is critical for investing successfully under that day’s market conditions.

And it’s not just me…

I also speak to Shah, Keith, Kent, and our other experts nearly every day. I pick their brains about the forces churning the markets… develop story ideas… and select strategies and recommendations…

Collectively we spend hours poring over reports, researching national and global market data, investigating companies, and uncovering profit opportunities.

We weed out the fluff, the trash and useless information.

Then, we give you the very best insights, strategies, and recommendations that give you a real chance to make money right away.

Things like…

  • Why yield alone won’t tell you the best dividend stock… You also must look at the liquidity of the underlying company – as well as its “payout ratio…”
  • Why you should buy commodity stocks when interest rates go below the rate of inflation… Plus, I’ll show you ways to squeeze big profits from the commodities you’ve heard about like gold, silver and, oil not to mention lucrative rare metals like molybdenum.
  • The “guilty secret” about GDP… It’s a statistic invented by Keynesians to make “stimulus” spending look good. Much of it is pure rubbish… I’ll show you a better way to gauge U.S. economic output…
  • Why gold stocks are trading at a “liquidation value” not seen since the market bottom of 2009… and why that means you should be investing in the yellow metal right now.
    You’ll also have your own password-protected “dashboard.” It will be a personalized tool for making the most of your Private Briefing subscription. Your dashboard will contain:
  • The complete archive of all previous “private briefings.” That way you can catch up on all the educational tools, advice AND stock picks I’ve recommended since the beginning…
  • Additional content, analysis, and research – viewable only by Private Briefing subscribers such as yourself…
  • Research documents and special reports supporting Private Briefing recommendations…
  • And a notepad for keeping track of your stock trades and plans for trading.

The bottom line is Private Briefing will give you the skills, strategies and techniques utilized with remarkable success by some of the world’s top market experts…

… and a chance to construct a moneymaking portfolio from scratch and build wealth over the next 12-24 months.

In fact, I won’t just tell you how to build a portfolio… I will actually show you how you can do it yourself… day by day… step by step… from the ground up.

Just look at the financial success my readers are already having:

I joined your group in December, 2011. I purchased 1000 shares of ARAY in January at $4.71. To say I’m happy would be an understatement. I also purchased WAVX, DCTH, FCX, NQ, and BRFS. I got in too late to purchase ARII. Thanks to you they are all doing well.”
– Carson P.

“Bill, I bought PCYC when you recommended and averaged up as it continued to move. Even now I show I’m up 20% – but more importantly that’s almost a $5,000 gain. Keep up the great work.”
– Byron G.

“Bill, I bought your recommendation on April 8 at $28.82. I am pleased to see it close yesterday, a big down day for the market, at $47. This is a 63% gain. Thanks!!”
– Bob S.

“I bought shares when I first read the recommendation and doubled up when you repeated the enthusiastic comments about the stock’s progress in a short time. Thanks for my net 53% gain and still holding.”
– Bill L.

“I got in a little late [on your tech stock] but am up 48% so far. Thanks for the recommendation.”
– Tal R.

Now it’s your turn…

Join Private Briefing – The Only Way On Record
You Can Become A True Financial Guru…
And Make Money While You Learn…
For Just 26 Cents A Day

Today, I’m inviting you to join me on this one-of-a-kind mission.

It’s an opportunity to empower yourself… dramatically improve your finances… and take control of your life

And do it all for just 26 cents a day.

Isn’t that what you want?

A chance to live a life of ease… free of worry about money? A chance to spend every waking moment knowing you’re in complete control of your own financial destiny?

At this point, do you have any other options?

The fact is, without the knowledge to invest properly, people are doomed.

Look at what happened with Facebook, the most hyped IPO in history. Millions of hard-working Americans from every walk of life didn’t understand what they were getting into… and lost an estimated $35 billion in the span of a week!

And it’s only going to get worse.

I can’t tell you how many letters I get from readers who are terrified about their future.

These are people worried to death they’re running out of time to build their savings…

Or people who’ve saved their whole lives… yet realize their nest egg won’t be enough for retirement.

Or people who have recently come into money but have no idea how to safely make it grow.

All of these folks have one thing in common: They feel like they have no control over their financial future.

Not long ago things were different…

My parents could park their money in a savings account and safely bring in double-digit returns.

Do you know what a savings account yields today? Less than 1%. If you count inflation, the true rates are less than zero!

Interest on CDs and Treasury Bonds isn’t much better. Pensions are disappearing at an alarming rate. Even 401(k)s are no guarantee. Look at how much people lost in their 401(k)s after the 2008 financial crisis.

Yet, the way I see it, you are carrying a real-life “Moral Responsibility Card”… The “card” says you have the responsibility to your family, spouse, kids – and yourself – to live a comfortable retirement without being a financial burden on anyone.

That’s why I believe, before joining me on this endeavor, you should ask yourself two simple questions:

  1. Do I really understand the best ways to invest and grow my money?
  2. Am I making money right now?

I’m offering you the chance to answer “YES” to both of those questions starting today. Frankly, it’s an opportunity most people will never get in their lifetimes…

Think about it…

How many people get a chance to learn top investing secrets, strategies and techniques from some of the greatest financial experts in the world? Five days a week.

Things like…

  • The Secret “Niche” That Crushes The S&P
    There’s an investment similar to IPOs that most pundits… even most die hard Wall Street cronies don’t pay enough attention to that can put you in position to pocket extraordinary gains… not once but TWICE. In fact, this government-regulated “niche” has been quietly beating the S&P by 3 to 1 over the last nine years. And unlike regular IPOs, anyone can buy them. You don’t have to be an accredited investor to get in on the action. You just need to know what to look for.


  • How To “Cash In” On A Company’s Cash Flow
    Cash flow is raw power; cash flow is king. But most people have no idea how to buy cash flow on sale and get the juiciest returns. It comes from knowing one rarely understood but extremely powerful ratio that you can find on the internet with a push of a button. The best thing about this metric is that it’s pretty near impossible for companies to manipulate its meaning. So you get a clear, unpolluted picture of a company’s true value based on its cash position. It’s a very important indicator that can bring you sizeable gains immediately.

Remember, my readers have had the opportunity to profit from as many as 45 winning picks, 24 of them for double-digit gains, including four recent gains of 146%, 111%, 103% and 81% in less than a year and in some of the choppiest markets on record.

And the price isn’t even a consideration. It’s only 26 cents a day. That comes to a mere $7.99 a month. A year’s subscription to the Financial Times or The Wall Street Journal is more than four times that price. If you think getting they’re going to teach you how to make big money in the markets, good luck.

Let me be blunt…

This low price I’m offering doesn’t even come close to covering our expenses. The fact is, we’re offering Private Briefing purely as a benefit to our readers. In fact, we are truly subsidizing this newsletter with our other publishing activities.

But make no mistake: I am on a mission. A mission to make sure the market-beating strategies accessible to the wealthy… are now readily available to everyone else.

And I am fully committed to teaching you how to use these strategies to succeed.

The reality is you MUST think and invest like a true financial guru if you want to have any chance of making money in the markets today.

And that’s exactly what Private Briefing gives you.

It’s the very best insights from our investment experts… some of the same picks, education, and strategies they share with others for hundreds – even thousands of dollars.

But, because I am so absolutely committed to leveling the playing field for the average investor, I am able to offer this program for just 26 cents a day.

“Accurate Insights Into
the Chaos Around Us”

On a regular basis, our readers tell us how valuable, insightful and profitable Private Briefing is for them.

Not long ago we received this note from Renee Ford:

“You have not pushed hype, but you have given value. I am a small investor, who cannot afford the big dollars, yet I get BIG value with you. You are one of the best values around, you provide consistent accurate insight into the chaos around us.”

Based on comments like this from our readers, I can confidently state that Private Briefing will give you massive value every single day. Listen to a few more…

Carson P. said:
“To say that I am happy would be an understatement…”

Sam T. said:
“I jumped on it and have been enjoying the ride up.”

Leroy W. said:
“Thanks doesn’t even come close to the appreciation for what you’ve done for us. Being on a fixed income makes the gains even sweeter.”

Reggie P. said:
“The recommendations and insight you’ve had is spot on. Your [research] service is well worth the money!”

Your Private Briefing Investment is
100% Guaranteed to be Valuable to You

My promise to you is this…

Every issue of Private Briefing will be valuable to you.

Inside every issue, you will find insider investing secrets… specific stock recommendations… deep insights into what the market is doing… and important insider information on important market trends that are poised to affect you.

Things like…

  • How To Score Big Gains On Small Companies
    The burn rate tells you how much cash a small company is eating up. Most people don’t use this metric correctly. They think a high burn rate automatically spells disaster for a small company. But that’s not always true. There are times when a high burn rate can indicate a stock’s about to skyrocket. I’ll teach you exactly how to understand this key metric… and how to make money from it right away.
  • How To Get Fat Monthly Checks… Courtesy Of Big Oil
    Did you know investing in energy is one of the best ways to accumulate piles of cash? Thanks to Ronald Reagan, and a little tax loophole he passed as President, a particular group of energy companies are required to funnel profits directly to the “partners” – aka shareholders – in the company. That’s right… you get a big, fat check every time their profits rise. All you need is someone to show you how to “sign up” for this cash bonanza.
  • The “Volume Indicator” Trap
    Many investors think that when a stock is trading in good numbers and trending up in volume, the broader market agrees with them on the company’s fundamentals – and see their shares as undervalued. But this is a major trap. If you don’t know all the factors influencing volume, you could misread the signals and get burned. If that happens you might as well have “sucker” tattooed on your forehead. I’ll clue you in on how to make sure that never happens to you…

Every issue will be valuable in one way or another. I guarantee it.

If not, you can cancel at any time, with no further obligation or penalty. Though we can’t offer refunds for such a small outlay, your only commitment is $7.99.

But once you try Private Briefing, I think you’ll want to keep going. After all, where else can you get all of this every single day:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to invest like a true financial guru…
  • Detailed strategies and secrets directly from some of the leading financial experts in the world…
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Bill Patalon
Executive Editor and Senior Research Analyst
Private Briefing and Money Map Press
September 2012

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